Diamond Men

"Four and a half stars! Wow...Damn near a perfect movie"

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What The Critics Are Saying...

  • Leonard Maltin, Entertainment Tonight - "This year, Maltin has championed two films: 'Songcatcher' and 'Diamond Men.' … " - CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE REVIEW

  • EBERT & ROEPER - "Two BIG thumbs up. A treasure." Roger Ebert: 'A real discovery-funny, touching, sexy, and deviously surprising….a treasure.' Richard Roeper: 'A fantastic film..with a good cast, good writing, and assured direction. It's got everything you want in a movie… treasure.'" - CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE REVIEW

  • Andrew Sarris - New York Observer - "Daniel M. Cohen's Diamond Men, from his own screenplay, functions as a charmingly observant comedy of mercantile manners until a wild plot twist places it in the ranks of the great screwball caper movies….Diamond Men is a gem of a movie." - CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE REVIEW

  • Stephen Hunter - The Washington Post - "Gets the fall off to a great start. Genuine, amusing and best of all, humanly scaled and humanely oriented. Fundamentally, "Diamond Men" asks but one question: Is Eddie Miller Willy Loman or is he Professor Harold Hill, who knows the territory? The answer is worth finding out." - CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE REVIEW

  • Carrie Rickey - Philadelphia Inquirer - "Diamond Men, a charming comedy from rookie director Daniel M. Cohen, is a witty, winning inversion of the famous Arthur Miller play. This time, it's Life of a Salesman, this story that begins with a heart attack and ends with a spiritual resurrection. Much of the pleasure of Diamond Men is that of watching a pro at the top of his game. It's about professionalism, commitment and mutual respect, and whether these have any value in centralized, corporate centers far from small-town Main Streets. I was surprised at how much it moved me." - CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE REVIEW

  • Joseph Morgenstern - Wall Street Journal - "Diamond Men is extraordinary on several counts: it's knowledge of an arcane trade (Mr. Cohen ran his family's diamond business after his father dieid); its fondness for telling good life stories; and, Mr. Foster doesn't flinch from making Eddie forlorn, but his diamond man is brave and touching too." - CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE REVIEW

  • Desson Howe - The Washington Post - "'Diamond Men' Sparkles….A great little film, dignified by a superb performance. ANY DOUBTS that we improve with age are put to rest by Robert Forster in 'Diamond Men.' After watching his subtle, touching performance in this movie, you'll think that being over 50 is just about the coolest thing in the world. Cohen, who wrote, directed and produced this 2000 movie, creates great texture - born of firsthand experience. Three generations of the Cohen family were diamond salesmen. He grew up with this stuff. And in this movie, it shows nicely." - CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE REVIEW

  • Prairie Miller - Soundtrack Web Radio - "'Diamond Men' succeeds in being tender and touching without sacrificing a bit of its bold humor." - CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE REVIEW

  • Harvey Karten - Compuserve - "'Diamond Men' is a clever, humorous, sardonic and exquisitely acted indie about contemporary life in America. 'Diamond Men' is a rejoinder to the groaners who complain that there's just nothing out there in the movie theaters any more: The first four star movie of the year." - CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE REVIEW

  • Gary Thompson - Philadelphia Daily News - "You think you know this story - expendable, pathetic, obsolete, discarded salesman at the end of his rope - but you don't. 'Diamond Men' develops smoothly into a laid-back comedy, full of low-key laughs, cops and robbers, and hookers with hearts of gold. 'Diamond Men' is Willy Loman reimagined, told with an affectionate appreciation of the craft of the salesman, and the genius of the diamond man who knows both the retail and emotional value of his product. This is an actors' picture, with reappearing fugitives like Armstrong adding unexpected grace, Wahlberg showing that he can fill out a larger part, and everybody staying out of the way of Forster." - CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE REVIEW

  • Stephen Holden - New York Times - "A finely acted slice of American life… a touching meditation on youth and age and male desire. Mr. Wahlberg, in his first major movie role, reveals himself to be a charismatic screen natural much like his younger brother Mark." - CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE REVIEW

  • Jay Carr - Boston Globe - "'Diamond' an unusual gem of a buddy movie. 'Diamond Men' is the kind of keenly observed, artfully crafted, warmly humane movie that keeps us going through the weekly helping of big-screen duds. It's intimately scaled and informed by the experience of Cohen's father and grandfather in the jewelry business, away from bustling city centers. The first pleasant surprise is how effortlessly Cohen specifies the world inhabited by the film. The second lies in the way he convinces us, or, rather, makes us want to believe, that the two men can change each other's lives as they do. Cohen isn't one to cop out with sitcom generational sparring. 'Diamond Men' is a sparkly film that's easy to love." - CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE REVIEW

  • Stanley Kaufmann - The New Republic - "Cohen, who has been in the diamond business, has directed with a sure, non-wasteful hand and with touching empathy for both men. Donnie Wahlberg, older brother of Mark, gives Bobby bounce and makes him a believable knockout with young women along the way. Robert Forster's performance is even more of a pleasure. Here he gets what is probably the role of his career, and he succeeds completely by not treating it that way. Reticent, contained, aware of the shabbiness of life and the need for pride because of it, Forster's diamond salesman is a gem." - CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE REVIEW

  • Jack Garner - Democrat and Chronicle - "Veteran actor Robert Forster is taking a circuitous route to greatness, but he's getting there just the same. Even without Forster, Diamond Men would have had an agreeable charm as the director captures the details of a salesman's life on the road, thanks partly to his memories of his diamond-selling father. But Forster's rich, realistic, heartfelt portrayal elevates Diamond Men even further. He gives this tale of getting old on the job a humanity and a depth of feeling that brings to mind nothing less than the classic Death of a Salesman. No mean feat, that. " - CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE REVIEW

  • KENNETH TURAN, Times Film Critic - "MOVIE REVIEW - 'Recommended' Forster Wears This 'Diamond' Well A small tale about gem salesmen gets a big boost from the actor, who quietly adds depth.

    By KENNETH TURAN, Times Film Critic 'Diamond Men' is an easygoing venture of the feel-good variety. What sets it apart is something even larger pictures often lack: an excellent performance by its star.

    Watching "Diamond Men," it's easy to see what the fuss about Forster is about. The actor has a gift for simply existing on the screen, for bringing an almost casual but unmistakable depth and dignity to roles.

    (“Diamond Men”) never gives up on believing in its people, and they come through for it in the end." - CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE REVIEW

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